1. Eyetask
    The project is made for the international competition IEEE SS12: Innovation Challenge 2018. Became Finalist in the final event.
  2. Handwritten Numeral Recognition adding Start-End Points with CNN
    This is the thesis project of my final year. The whole article was submitted to IEEE Transaction on Cybernetics (Link will be updated soon).
  3. Vision It: Blind persons AI cane
    We are presenting a smart walking stick for the visually impaired where there will be sonar sensor to detect obstacles, camera to recognize what/who the object is and describe the scenario and GPS system track location of the visually impaired
  4. Traffic Rules Violation Detection
    Three traffic rules violation detection along with a GUI for convinient usage. Can be easily integrated with raspberry pi or other SBC as video feed and server program is decoupled.
  5. Sequence Extraction from Bangla Handwritten Numerals and Recognition by LSTM
    First the sequence of a character is extracted from the image. Then it is used as feature by LSTM model to classify. Github link will be updated soon.
  6. YOLO evaluation on custom dataset
    This is a yolo and yolo tiny evaluation (calculating precision-recall graph and mAP) on a simple road cctv footage dataset
  7. Bangla/Banglish/English Sentiment Analysis and News Scraping
    A Sentiment analysis with graphical user interface of bangla or phonetic bangla(banglish) language project. This uses rule based sentiment analysis API of TextBlob and VaderSentiment.
  8. CMDU DDE DOCK (English Translation)
    This is a Deepin Desktop environments dock extension for internet speed meter. I just Translated it to make it available in English (Originally was in Chinese).
  9. My Linux Dots
    Here are all the dot files of the linux environment I use.
  10. Shortest Route Analysis of Dhaka City Roads Using Various GIS Techniques
    In this repository, cost estimation, street density and shortest path analysis is done with the help of qgis and python programming language and its open-source packages.
  11. My Datastructure Algorithms
    Some implementation of Rahats datastructure and algorithm
  12. Ask Bd
    My 3rd year 1st semister web programming project. A website where people can create account, ask questions, vote on questions by liking or disliking and answer other peoples questions.
  13. Corona in Bangladesh
    A servey taking and visualization website for Bangladeshi people.
  14. Dsw Kuet