Prediction of Apple Leaf Diseases Using Multiclass Support Vector Machine

📅 2021-02-01✍️ Soarov Chakraborty, Shourav Paul, Md. Rahat-uz-Zaman📚 2021 2Nd international conference on robotics, electrical and signal processing techniques (ICREST)🎯 article
    Every year apple yield has been affected by Black rot and Cedar apple rust. It has a significant effect on both the apple industry and the country's economy. Here, we recommend a system to detect diseases from the infected apple leaves by combining machine learning and image processing principles. This approach can classify both infected and non-infected apple leaves efficiently. The identification is started by preprocessing the image using several image processing techniques, including the Otsu thresholding algorithm and histogram equalization. Using the image segmentation region of the infected part separates, and a Multiclass SVM recognizes the disease type from the original leaf image among 500 images with 96% accuracy. It also demonstrates the percentage of the total infected area of that diseased apple leaf image.
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