Analog Electronics

📚 EEE 1217 3.0 Credits (3 Lectures/Week) 🎯 academic

    Introduction to Semiconductors

    P-n Junction diode characteristics, Diode


    half and full wave rectifiers, Regulated power supply.

    Bipolar Junction Transistor

    Operation principles, Characteristics, Small-signal low frequency h-parameter model, Hybrid pie model, Amplifiers, Switches, Darlington pairs,

    Field Effect Transistor (FET)

    Introduction to different FETs such as JFET, MOSFET, NMOS, PMOS and CMOS, Biasing and applications.

    Operational Amplifiers

    Gain, Input and output impedances, Offset null adjustment, Frequency response and noise, Introduction to Oscillators, Rectifiers, Active filters, Regulated power supply, Stabilizer and UPS, Basic ideas about IC fabrication techniques, Linear and Nonlinear applications of Op-Amps.

    Power Semiconductor Devices

    SCR, TRIAC, DIAC, UJT and their applications.

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