📚 CHEM 1207 3.0 Credits (3 Lectures/Week) 🎯 academic

Crystal Symmetry

Different methods for the determination of structure of crystals, Structures of the metallic elements and certain compounds with three dimensional lattices, Defects in solid, Structures of Si, Ge, N, and P.

Chemical Bonding

Valence bond theory, Molecular orbital theory, Metallic bonding, Theory of resonance.


Electrolytic Solution, Nernst theory of electrode potential, Nernst Equation, Electrode potentials, EMF, Measurement of EMF, Polarization and over potential, Transport number, Electrical double layer, Mechanism of electrode reactions, Lithium ion battery, Ni-battery.


Quantization of energy, Basic elements of spectroscopy.


Laws of photochemistry, Quantum yield, Photosensitized reaction.

Chemistry of Polymerization

Polymerization reaction, some synthetic and natural polymers and their electrical and electronic properties, Polymers used as engineering materials, Conducting polymer and fiber, Synthesis, Structure and properties of polymer.

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