About the site

Previously I was using Django to create my personal blog. But as I do not need any kind of server side processing, I thought that django is kind of an overshoot (and also hard to regularly maintain and post compared to many static site generators).

So I started looking for alternatives which are easy to maintain and update. Then I came across the concept of Jamstack and numerous number of static site generators. Among the popular ones, I tried using Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo, and Hexo. Mike Dane’s channel helped me a lot to get started with these pretty quickly.

Among all the ones I tried, I was impressed by the performance and simplicity of Hugo. This static site generator is comparatively new in this field. But according to StaticGen on the day this about page is written, Hugo is 2nd highest stars holder in last 30 days. Clearly this shows the bright future of the wonderful project written in programming language Go.

Want to contribute to this site?

  • Here is the repo of this site.
  • Go on:
    • Fork the repo
    • Make changes
    • Make a pull request.

I will really be happy 😄 ❤️

About ME

If you want to know more about me, check out this post about me.